“Kapde bana, khub bana, aur phir use bechde,”
– Raj Sarthak

The seven states is an initiative to support local sustainable fashion of Indian states by showcasing their fabrics and its beauty to a global audience.
An art gallery in each state with a romanticized perspective of the fabric and the process that goes into its creation. This will be followed by the screening of the documentary shot of the age old traditions.

Development of new business alliances between the state’s textile groups and foreign trade portals through the Alley of IFA.

Indian Textiles and Apparels (T&A) industry accounts for approximately 4% of the global T&A market. In the T&A industry, the fashion industry as well as the world in general are moving towards a more sustainable end of the rope. A point where they can enjoy both, flawless creations through fabrics as well reduced wastage and carbon footprints. Each Indian state has its own local sustainable fabric which can be used for both Haute Couture as well as day to day wear but remains out of the limelight due to lack of awareness.

Textile Entrepreneurs and Karigars, who worked independently were immediately affected as exhibitions, and other physical bazaars were cancelled. A lot of stock that was produced is lying unsold leaving these entrepreneurs and karigars with debts and losses. T&A Artists working with designers on consignment basis faced major loss of income, since designers are expressing a huge slowdown of sales due to the pandemic. This condition was not only limited to India but was rather evident throughout the world.

A business platform which brings together Textile Entrepreneurs, buyers, exporters and high fashion all under one roof and thus allows for sustainable growth.

Though digital portals and e-commerce platforms exist, long-term clientele and orders still come through exhibitions and other B2B events. The Seven States project of India Fashion Awards aims to provide a platform to the artisans and entrepreneurs of the Textiles and Apparels industry. A platform where this condition of the T&A industry can be fixed, both for buyers and producers. A joint venture between IFA and the state government, a mission to spread awareness and also promote sales of these fabrics.

IFA will be hosting art galleries in the textile hubs of each of the seven states. It will be creating a movie on the entire process of the creation of that fabric and it will also organize a shoot to capture all the emotions, feelings and hard work which goes through the process of fabric creation. IFA will then collaborate with a fashion designer who will create an entire collection out of the fabric in order to integrate it to popular culture.

We will be organizing an art gallery in the respective state following the creation of the collection. The art gallery will include the projection of the film made on the respective fabric, installations of the designer created collection, public addressing by the cabinet minister in charge of the Textile industry as well as the designers who created the collection.

This will be followed by the launch of a coffee table book which will be signed by every figure involved in this initiative and i t will be distributed to different ministries and businesses.

An art gallery in each of the states to build new trade relations and promote the local fabric of the states followed by a mega art gallery of all the states combined in the end.

The events in each state will witness a guest list which will be centered towards buyers and exporters as well as ambassadors and trade attaché from countries like Italy, France, Israel, Germany, Canada, Sweden and so on. The trade attaché will be responsible to develop new trade alliances and to connect the Textile entrepreneurs and artisans to importers based in their respective countries.



The art galleries organized by India Fashion Awards will bring the finished products of the karigars and buyers under one roof. This will allow artisans who had earlier lost their only source of income to build new alliances and trade on these new frontiers. Moreover, the local fashion of the state would be promoted nationally and primarily to buyers and exporters, thus developing the states local textile industry.
A group of karigars from each state would be felicitated at the India Fashion Awards 2022 as the unsung heroes of Indian Fashion.